Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SONG REVIEW: God Heal Nigeria by Threadstone

Would It be right to brand Threadstone as the most or only pro-Nigerian rock band? Their first single from the previous album was #I_am_Nigeria (which attained mad success within and outside the Nigerian rock fans) and here we have another first single #God_Heal_Nigeria from their forth-coming album #Beauty_in_Chaos.

Here is an acoustic rock ballad, laid artistically on a militaristic drumbeat which describes the passion a band has for its nation. Ajay Kafang used his unique vocal texture to best express his patriotism with lyrics of prayers for hope, healing and redemption in a time of confusion, corruption and violence in the country. "When I look into the face of corruption, I know it starts with me" and "When they offered me redemption, I choose harmony" is undoubtedly the best and most patriotic lines aside the national anthem ever written for Nigeria.

The only rock band in Nigeria, signed to a label (Loopy Music) and have won an award for 'Album of the year', we shouldn't expect anything less. #God_Heal_Nigeria simply heightens your patriotism  or builds a new one if you had lost it as the ballad keeps building right to the end where the heavy guitar riffs lifts your excitement and leaves you with goose bumps. Be patriotic to not just your country but to your ears and give this song a  listen.



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