Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Song Preview: Bigger by Stage One

Do you know how to dance makossa? Okay Iets come back to that later. The 5:05 minute rock song started off with synth and pad and the drummer keeping the tempo with his hi-hat. There is this bass and guitar riff that makes this perfect harmonising introducing solo. "I was out in the street, I was not looking for you but you found me" is Joseph's starting line in the first verse to a song they said "is all about tearing down preconceived notions about the love of God." Its a song with our african elements which we could dance to...(As am doing now and writing this.. #Winks# ) and that takes us back to the question asked earlier. Its a good fusion of rock and makossa. Fisty of Threadstone did a marvellous job in the production of this masterpiece. If you particularly want to dance and still be in that rock mode with the heavy guitar riffs, this is one for you. Stage One though are still trying to find their sound with indigenous instruments and this is not a bad experiment, infact it paid off pretty well for them. This is a band we last heard from a year ago and this is definitely a good come back from them.



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