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10 Best and Top Ten Nigerian Rock Songs of 2014

As diverse as our culture is, so it is of the songs that has bounced on our ear drums in 2014, with songs borne out of deep inspiration while others ventured out from bold new areas. Our top ten Naija rock songs see bands up their ante and make impressive comeback after years of being in “shadows” while others remained steady and true.
2014 was of-course was a solid and defining year for rock songs in a variety of different styles from a number of bands at different stages in their career. We saw bands like 1 Last Autograph, Prodegalous, Richee Rawk, XTSamurai, emerge on the scene and leave their stamp on 2014, while acts like The Rising Rain, Clay, and Stage One took major steps forward in their careers. Meanwhile the only old hand around, ThreadStone had plenty to say on what their musical legacy will leave behind.
There were some tough choices to be made, after a year’s worth of thought and listening to everything we can get our hands on and keeping our ears to the ground…after much deliberation we feel we’ve come up with our picks for the 10 Best Nigerian Rock Songs of 2014. For this list, we’re taking into account songwriting prowess, creative progression, technical ability and many more dynamics.
We give you our choices for the 10 Best and Top Nigerian Rock Songs of 2014!
Check out the list below.

10. Mighty to save(Hillsong Cover)

This song pushed the Benin rockers, FootPrint5 to not just local but foreign limelight as it is a cover of a popular song that though as already seen lots of cover from bands like, even Newsboys. It is a powerful and energetic rock song which somehow could well contest with other cover songs, one you would easily substitute the original song for and listen to this one with all the passion for the original song.

9. God Complex

The second single from the band, The Rising Rain, a pop rock with a blend of trance and house music produced by their Keyboardist, Ebuka Onuchukwu. God Complex is supposed to be sitting in an even higher position in this list for its extra-ordinary song writing prowess – as so many are yet to get the idea and message behind the song or rather conflicting meaning, and the unique technicality in the blend of four to five different contrasting genres into one song and somehow they all complemented each other. It says of what we are to expect from these rockers from the East of Nigeria. Here is God Complex from The RisingRain at no 9.

8. Fire down below

The Queen of Nigerian Soft Rock, Zainab Sule, released this single just days after we started compiling this list and it immediately made its way somehow into the list. The song reminds a listener of some rock acts like Dido, Natalie Imbruglia, Avril and many other foreign female rock acts. It’s a beautiful, laid back soft rock song produced by Kachi of Stage one which talks about Love, Sex and Temptation. With soft vocal texture and melodic acoustic chords, it sits in our number 8 in the list of Top Ten Nigerian Rock songs. Give it a listen and you wont be disappointed.

7. Ocho

‘This kind God, I never see your type before’, fast forward to the chorus….Ocho!!!!, which stands for God in Idoma language, is a Great- great masterpiece from Phrance. Coldflames did great work as the man behind the computer and tools that brought Phrance’s ideas together and Phrance kill the song with an ultra vocal delivery. This was the first rock song to be released in 2014 and the insanity in roused from the rock scene and in the social media perhaps inspired the quantity of rock songs that followed suit.

6. Need

FootPrint5 came into the rock scene in 2014 and they found their way back here at no 6, and as though it seems like they ‘aint’ looking back any sooner. Need is one of the singles from the Benin rock band off their E.P. titled, ‘Closed Doors, Open Exit’. It’s a song that reminds you the unmerited love we have from God and how he’s always there for us. Such a beautiful rock song you’ll have on repeat whenever you listen to it.

5. Down

Clay’s first or rather second alternative rock song left goose bumps on the skin of many Nigerian Rock fanatics. She killed ‘Down’ with her high pitched vocals and the front man to the on-demand band, 1LA delivered his part perfectly well. If fans response was the only factor, then ‘Down’ should be in the first two but for some technical reasons and many more dynamics, it found its way here. Great inspiring song from the Darling of Nigerian rock, the queen of pop rock. Rock on sweetheart.

4. Bigger

Nuhu’s vocals and Kachi’s production skills, kicked so many back into their dancing shoes with this beautiful song from Stage One. The band also re-invented their style with African elements and left us dancing like the Africans that we truly are. Great song from the band from Jos and here is a warning please……whenever you you want to press play, just be sure you have you dancing shoes ready and you are already in a makossa dancing pose. Thank You.

3. Redemption

The RisingRain re-invented itself in many aspects, from recruiting new and better band members, to the quality of the songs they whipped out. The band appeared again in the list on no. 3 with ‘Redemption’ which Is one of the singles the band hit us with and the song writing skills delivered, again showed distinguishing characteristics of the band and why they are seen as one of the very best in the game. It’s a song that could well relate, to many in varied situations. All the dynamics used against this song placed it in third place.

2. All or Nothing

The first release from Nigeria’s first post-hardcore punk band, 1 Last Autograph and it definitely was a song you just know was not a walk in the park to put together. The production and quality of the song coupled with the growl, which a lot are yet to get their head around makes it even more attention-grabbing. All or Nothing made its way to second place and its well deserved.

1. God heal Nigeria

God Heal Nigeria is the first single from Nigeria’s premier rock band – off their second album. It’s a song written out of love and passion for a country frayed with injuries from religious, political, and ethnic hostilities. It’s a song that could well be substituted for the nation’s anthem. The song writing prowess, the technicality, the creativity and all round delivery of the ballad gives it an all ten rating. 

Tell us what you think of the list, who we left out and who should have made an even higher  or lower spot in your comments below. 



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