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We assembled a list of Nigerian contemporary artist some years back on this blog, which saw some bit of criticism and thumbs up. We are back on this one for 2014, but this is far more than just Nigerian contemporary artists but those that have taken the step a bit further.  Here is an updated list of Nigerian rock bands , they’ve all been doing pretty well, written great and better songs with lyrical depth than those in “Niaja Jamz & Dancehall”(Wonder if that’s even a genre in music), graced lots of stages and their songs have seen quite unfortunately, minimal airplay. We hope that radio stations will give them a run for their hardwork with more airplay and acknowledgement. Here are they:


Ever since the release of their E.P. of two songs, “Need” and the awesome cover of Hillsongs United “Mighty to Save”, the five man band, Footprint5 have been a really wonderful and great band every Nigerian rock fan should raise the rock sign for. The House on the Rock, Benin rockers has been touring virtually every HOTR branch church but they are yet to climb a stage in Enugu branch – which I hope they do soon. Though, their vocals may not seem to be there yet in live performances, as we’ve gathered from a very reliable source and a good friend from their visit in Port Harcourt but their guitar skills is jaw dropping. They are currently working on their Album to be released later this year

There is one thought that should keep the Nigerian rock fan overwhelmed and enthusiastic, which is the beautiful names these rock bands pick for themselves. Little is known about this band but provided it’s a rock band and they are Nigerians. What the heck? They are ours and deserve a place here. It is also exciting to know that these guys are working on a single which has been completed as at the time of writing this and will be released soon.


The self proclaimed queen of Nigerian soft rock. Yeah you heard that right and it’s a well deserved title. Rocking all the way from the capital city, Abuja she has been in the game for as long as say 20.........and…”I don forget o” but hey! She is as great in personality as her music is. She has toured and played in lots of concert both local and foreign and has some wonderful guitar playing tricks under her fingers.


After their #LoveRocks2014 Valentine concert, they’ve been so much anticipation about their second E.P. which was announced even before the concert. We’ve anticipated to an extent, we individually “decipated” are they boiling or cooking stone in the studio? Na waoh!! Well we recently confirmed that the E.P. titled #TheNewBeginning is ready and we will be teased soon with a release of a rehearsal cover version of Uncharted by Sara Bareilles before the real thing hits us. We just can’t wait as they are the only full setup band out there in Nigeria, that’s a Christian but not a Gospel band. (Meaning – Their members are all Christians but their songs are not gospel songs like that of Hillsong, Footprint5, Newsboys etc) We had to add that for those who can’t differentiate between the two.

She is a singer, songwriter and a 400 level law student of the University of Ibadan. She does (types reluctantly)…RnB, Pop, (types enthusiastically) country, alternative and rock music. Jack of all trade you’d say but atleast “Naija Jams” is not included. She recently did a cover of  “Let Her Go” by Passenger and “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry. Her vocal texture can make a stoned-hearted dude fall in love again. Go check her out.

If the guys are not careful in this business, they will be thrown off the cliff by these ladies. This is another lady her vocal texture and diction can keep you stuck to your music device. She is more of a pop rock artist Рa Katy Perry kind of artist. It may seem like a clich̩ but they sound similar even as she claims to be more punk than pop. She has played in lots of concerts already and she is a joy to watch.

This gospel rocker hit the Nigerian rock scene with his single “Ocho”, though not his first release but Ocho went mad on social media for weeks and attracted to him even more fans. The South-South born rock is another dude with great songwriting skills who is working really hard to get to the top.

If you think you are a Nigerian and claim to be a rock fan and you don’t know these guys, my brother, you are a learner. They are the only band to have released a full album, signed to a major record label(Loopy Music), and won lots of awards to complement their hardwork.  We came across them some time ago at RCCG, their performance was electrifying. These gospel rocking artists paved the way for our generation of rockers after ROOFTOP MC.
Currently working on their second album, which we think is their reason for not been socializing much with their fans on social media (which is not a reasonable excuse anyway), we hope to see more and better of these top rocking dudes.

Oga boss, where have you been since o? After he released his first album, signed to a foreign based record label, we have not heard from the record producer, song writer, and multi – instrumentalist  for a while now. Did he go AWOL? We don’t know. We hope that whatever has kept him in whatever/ wherever he is, better be good or should let him go, because we need him and his soul-lifting songs.

This rocker has released about 3 great songs and has graced many stages with his magical fingers in Nigeria. He has worked and shared same stage with the likes of Florocka, Ese Peters, Threadstone, etc. He has an upcoming concert on the 27th of September, 2014 with other rockers in lagos. We hope we’ve picked out tickets. Of all his songs, his greatest is the Shine in my light featuring Florocka. Give it a listen.

Richard Juwah aka Richee Rawk is a former founding member of the now defunct Nigerian rock band, Blacsmith. He released an E.P. titled “demigod of Rock”. He will be performing his song “Tribute to an African lady” in the upcoming rock concert with XTsamurai.

Peace Ufuoma Douglas, a native of Delta State is a hard rocker and has released two singles the second being the politically inclined “Stop Corruption” which talks about politicians and their corruption. We hope to see more of her in the future though as little is known about her or seen.

From his name alone, we should know what a hard rocking dude he should be. A gospel rocker and presumable one the very best there is. The multi – instrumentalist, singer, Songwriter and record producer is a sure joy to watch sing or play. His power inspiring songs always, will take you deep into worship.


Nathmac is an alternative rock artiste,that started in lagos nigeria in 2010,he has performed with fellow rock artistes like clay,threadstones,footprint5,and other fantstic nigerian rock artiste.He is set to release his acoustic EP, titled DIARY OF A WANDERER.



  1. Been checking out your stories and I am surprised you have never for once mentioned 'Nikki Laoye' her 'Never Felt This Way' song in 2006 was one of the biggest rock songs that ever got nationwide repute. Her alternative rock song 'Only You' won her the Headies (Hip Hop World Awards' in 2013 for Best Vocal Performance (Female) unless I dunno what rock is oh

  2. you guys r junkies criticizing fp5 vocals like that,i know the vocalist is really good,keep it up fp5 and dont mind this lunatics

  3. UFUOMA. P. DOUGLAS is the first female hard/metal rock artist officially known in Nigeria ESP by the media. She is Nigerian queen of hard and metal ROCK.She is a video/visual producer,director,composer,song writer, actress and a model as seen on Nigeria DAILY SUN GIRL cover page(24th December, 2014).She is a ROCK STAR.

  4. Florocka is the shizzle.... as in hes dope man, that dude is high on something else. Big up FLO.

  5. Woah! if you haven't heard Gospel Force, then you gotta check for energetic rock >>> from, I SEE YOU to NO ONE, it was a hit back-to-back

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