Monday, October 13, 2014

SONG REVIEW: Redemption by The RisingRain

With the quality sounds and in-depth lyrics coming from the Nigerian rock bands and artists, the genre may as well arrive at its destination in the country’s music scene in an even less time than estimated.The RisingRain’s first single from their upcoming E.P. of three songs titled #TheNewBeginning is a song typical of rock with the basic elements; deep lyrics, soothing guitar riffs, beautiful minor-pentatonic acoustics guitar chords, militaristic-plus-gothic-kind-of drumbeats crowned with vocal texture that stands in-between, beautiful, croaky, husky, quavering, etc. (There isn’t a perfect way to describe sound, is there?)The title, “Redemption” at first, sounds churchious and puts the tired-of-Nigerian-rock-bands-being-gospel kind of listeners in a bit of a drawback but after giving the song some ears, its multifaceted lyrics could be “applied to any circumstance” according to the band……be it someone seeking redemption from God or their other half.“things you’ve done for me, and all I put you through, you looked right through all this, to a me you always knew” from the second verse sounds purely like a contemporary gospel line but could as well fit into a song written to a partner.In all, this song written, produced, mixed and mastered by the quintet band is a ten for it’s everything and for the final mixing and mastering, on the vocals particularly. Give it a listen and thank me with a hug later. The artwork also, is quite creative and out of the ordinary. It’s an old, classical handwritten letter, written to who we do not know. Rock on guys.twitter: @therisingrainfacebook: /



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