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#1. NaijaRock™:Tell us a brief history of you and your genre of music?
Answer: I’m Zainab Sule, and I do Soft Rock.

#2. NaijaRock™:Why the genre of music in a country that Afro-pop and dancehall is so profound
Answer: I grew up surrounded with music like Led Zepellin, Brian Adams, Don Williams and the likes. It was just a matter of time before I headed in that direction.

#3. NaijaRock™: How long have you been in this, (music?)
Answer: I’ve been playing music Professionally for 3 years now, but started way back in the university around 11 years ago, learning to play guitar and doing ‘special numbers’ in Fellowships.

#4. NaijaRock™: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Answer: Musical influences? I’d say someone I just discovered, Orianthi.

#5. NaijaRock™: What are your dreams and goals?
Answer: To give you Music for Your Soul.An Elixir.

#6. NaijaRock™: Who writes your songs, or do you write them yourself? What are they mostly about?
Answer: I write all songs myself. I used to write a lot of poetry back then, so I found it kinda easy to write my own songs. I write mostly about life, love, and God.

#7. NaijaRock™: How many gigs have you had so far and in which locations?
Answer: Gigs? Lol. Not sure I could count them even if I wanted to; though I do tend to tour a lot. Within and outside Nigeria.

#8. NaijaRock™: Describe your show, visually and musically?
Answer: Hmm. Visually, I’d say you picture a serene night, lights dim, a violin (sometimes) playing slowly in the background and then there’s me, with my guitar. Sometimes there’s another guitarist, but mostly me. Musically, I do original songs, and sometimes musical covers, but rarely.

#9. NaijaRock™: What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Answer: O boy, I no know o. Absolutely no idea!

#10. NaijaRock™: There's this semblance in vocals with Avril Lavigne, have people been saying that to you? Like“oh she sounds like Avril"
Answer: Lol. I’ve had someone walk up to me after a gig, early this year swearing that I sound like Tracy Chapman. The funny thing is that I just take it in stride. I’m not even an avid Avril fan.

#11. NaijaRock™: What inspires you to do what you do?
Answer: The fact that this is what I was born to do. Sing.

#12. NaijaRock™: Your new single "I'll make you dance" is quite a great piece, tell us about it. What’s the theme of the song and what inspired it.
Answer: Thanks. Actually it’s the same thing that inspires all my songs: Life. I think we are tired of everything, especially here in Nigeria. People need something to make them smile and dance. To make them forget. That’s the whole reason for the song… I’ll Make You Dance.

#13. NaijaRock™:  Are there other Rock Artist or bands in Nigeria you have personal relationship with or know?
Answer: Yea, quite a few. I should say more than a few.

#14. NaijaRock™: What are the biggest obstacles for rock artists in Nigeria?
Answer: Obstacles? Personally I believe there are no obstacles for any artiste. We just need to step up our game and let the world notice. If we are good enough, they are bound to notice.

#15. NaijaRock™: What challenges have you faced so far?
Answer: Nothing really. I believe that the slow and the steady will win the race… no matter how far the finish line is. :D

#16. NaijaRock™: Was there a time you were overwhelmed by the challenges that you wanted to quit?
Answer: No… I don’t think so. Challenges came, certainly – but quitting was never an option. Instead it made me stronger.

#17. NaijaRock™:What should your fans expect from you next?
Answer: More singles, actually. I’m not in a hurry to do a 3rd album just yet. And we are shooting a video for I’ll Make You Dance next. So more of Zainab, God willing. Lol.They can also follow me on twitter with the handle, @zainabSULE or by visiting There’s always new stuff there. J
#18. NaijaRock™:What advice would you give to fellow upcoming bands and rock artist that would want to go into same genre?
Answer: Be financially independent. You need money to take your dreams as far as you want. That way you succeed on your own terms. And never quit. Don’t be in a hurry. There’s always a way.

NaijaRock™:In all sincerity and from the depth of our hearts, we appreciate every second you took to answer the above questions and wish your every success there is. We hope to build on this relationship and achieve greater things together in the near future.
\m/ ROCK ON!!

Thanks also. You guys are doing a great job for rock music. God bless!



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