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Happy 2015 to our wonderful readers. We hope, we gave you a good ride through 2014 and as always will be willing to give even more in 2015 and beyond. 2015 will certainly be a bigger year than 2014 for the Nigerian rock music scene and as usual, we will always be here to bring the very best of what it offers to your screen. News, Reviews, articles, interviews, gossips, new releases, reports, etc, just anything to promote the genre in the country. And talking about interviews, fate somehow brought us to the man that everyone has been looking for. The man behind the wonderfully delivered and “Tom-Delonge-of Blink 182-vocal-type” Forever. Forever is such a beautiful song and you’d argue right away that it was sang by Tom Delonge himself. We met with him and tried to uncover the untold and reasons for being in the shadows. As much as D.C. is a joy to listen, he is also something else to chat with. He has also recorded another song titled ‘Marry Me’ and it’d blow your mind away. Read the transcripts of our chat with D.C. and know where he's been..

NaijaRocksMusic:So, tell me about DC, is it a one man act or a full band 

D.C.: Guess you can say am a one man band
NaijaRocksMusic:Why the name DC, and what's the meaning?
D.C.: That's the initial for my name(s) actually, Donald Chukwuyem
NaijaRocksMusic:So what type of music you into?
D.C.: Soft rock majorly
NaijaRocksMusic:Yeah...looking at your two songs
NaijaRocksMusic:What are your musical and non- musical influences?
D.C.: Hmmmm,let's see,The Fray,Howieday,Nickelback, Avril Lavigne  and my mum
NaijaRocksMusic: (Laughs)Your mom? as regards the non musical influences or is she a musician?
D.C.: Non musical, though she loves singing 
NaijaRocksMusic:You recorded Forever and Marry Me, two awesome and beautiful songs, yet, they've been locked in the closet 
NaijaRocksMusic:Or let me rephrase it, they've not been given the promotion they deserve as songs in their own awesomeness?
D.C.: I chose this year to start pushing them
D.C.: Couldn't do that last year because I was really tied up
NaijaRocksMusic:For the records, they are really beautiful songs 
D.C.: Thank you Sir
NaijaRocksMusic:You are welcome
NaijaRocksMusic:Tied up? What do you mean by that? Do you have another engagements outside music?
D.C.: Yeah,am a model,actor etc
NaijaRocksMusic:Multi-talented rock artist, yeah
D.C.: I like to keep myself busy when am not busy with music
D.C.: Amen oooo
NaijaRocksMusic:Ok that's good
NaijaRocksMusic:So, do you have any major modeling contract or have you featured in any big movie or anything?
D.C.: I did a movie funded by ebony life TV,channel 165 on dstv called Dear Avalon 
D.C.: No modeling contract yet though
NaijaRocksMusic:Hmmm...thats impressive 
D.C.: Its God oo,he keeps slapping me with blessings
NaijaRocksMusic:What's your educational qualification and discipline 
D.C.: I studied microbiology at university of benin
NaijaRocksMusic:And why did you choose music and art of all the careers there is to choose from Microbiology 
D.C.: Actually am music and business inclined
D.C.: But I kinda liked science back in high school
NaijaRocksMusic:Yeah, we all do but somehow grow out of it and then into arts (smiles)
D.C.: I guess you can say that
NaijaRocksMusic:Ok, back to the music  
NaijaRocksMusic:Who writes your songs for you?
D.C.: I write my songs myself,am also a song writer
NaijaRocksMusic:oh! A model, an actor, a musician or rather a singer and a songwriter
NaijaRocksMusic:That's very very plentiful for one person
D.C.: Like I said God is just slapping me with talent and I don't mind at all at all
NaijaRocksMusic:Yeah ofcourse
NaijaRocksMusic:What type of songs you write about mostly
D.C.: Love stories,all my songs have a true story behind them
D.C.: But I don't write only about love,some are inspirational or funny J 

NaijaRocksMusic:What inspires your song writing?
D.C.: Past events that I might have gone through or someone else
NaijaRocksMusic:As a rock artists, do you play any instrument?
D.C.: The guitar
D.C.: I play the guitar
NaijaRocksMusic:Ofcourse..the guitar
NaijaRocksMusic:How many gigs have you played so far?
D.C.: In Lagos about 5
D.C.: But I mostly played in Benin while I was still schooling there
NaijaRocksMusic:which of your 5 gigs, do you think is unforgettable?
D.C.: The last one metal and romance
NaijaRocksMusic:Tell us about the experience?
D.C.: It was simply electrifying
NaijaRocksMusic:What are your biggest obstacles as a rock artists in Nigeria?
D.C.: Well rock music isn't really that popular here
D.C.: Compared to the other genres
NaijaRocksMusic:Ofcourse, it's not 
D.C.: So its been a little challenging trying to introduce it
NaijaRocksMusic:But then it's somehow popular and actually has quite a trend
D.C.: Some people actually take me for an rnb singer
D.C.: They don't usually know the difference
NaijaRocksMusic:Yeah...they also take foreign rock acts for RnB and Blues
D.C.: Yes oo
NaijaRocksMusic:But hopefully all that will stop soon and rock acts will be seen for who they are
D.C.: Hope so too
NaijaRocksMusic:What's your outlook on the music industry and future of rock music in Nigeria?
D.C.: People are slowly appreciating rock music and giving it a listening ear, So soon it will be well recieved
NaijaRocksMusic:Yeah, True
NaijaRocksMusic:So, should we be expecting anything from you soonest? A gig, new song, or perhaps, new movie, who knows.
NaijaRocksMusic:What exactly should we be looking out for from a multi-talented gentleman like you
D.C.: Definitely
D.C.: That's for me to know and for you to find out;-) 
NaijaRocksMusic:So we should all keep our fingers crossed and eyes wide open?
D.C.: Yes Sir
NaijaRocksMusic:That's not fair to all your fans though
D.C.: Alright I guess,I'll say they should just expect more awesome songs 
NaijaRocksMusic:What message do you have for your fans?
D.C.: Thanks for your support my awesome fans out there
NaijaRocksMusic:And download links for your two songs
NaijaRocksMusic:Your twitter and facebook account as well
D.C.: OK I can be found  on Facebook (donald franklin)
D.C.: I just registered my songs on a new Nigerian song engine,when I get the link I would get it across 
NaijaRocksMusic:Pls do
NaijaRocksMusic:Rock on bro
D.C.: Thanks man
NaijaRocksMusic:No problem



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