Monday, December 22, 2014


For all the beautiful rock songs that have gone through our ears this year, a man was behind the hit and help translate and interpret the bands ideas into what we could nod our heads to. The best part of it all is that, most of them are members of a band.
Producers are an often overlooked but always integral part of the recording process. They're the people who often make the idea come alive. We highlight and celebrate them here on ourlist of Nigerian Rock producers who has been instrumental and behind the computer, mixing desks and tools.
Note: The list is not sorted in any other.

Charles Udey Fisty.

He is the bassist and pianist of Nigeria’s premier rock band, Threadstone. Whenever you listen to any awesome song done by Threadstone, think of Charles as the man behind the tools and  tweaking the buttons. There is a good and bad news for the ladies though…..Good news is, He is handsome and bad news is, He is taken and recently tied the knot(Tongue out) to his sweetheart.

Ebuka Onuchukwu Peter

He is the pianist and lead guitarist to The RisingRain. He is well known for producing ‘Redemption’ and ‘God Complex’ all from the The Rising Rain.


He has been in the rock scene for a while, producing for Clay and then for Phrance. He produced ‘Down’ by Clay ft 1LA as well as Ocho by Prance.


H e is the bassist for the band, 1 Last Autograph and produced the band’s first single titled ‘All or Nothing’. He also produced Prodegalous first single titled ‘Bring Back’


He is the man behind the successful and beautiful songs from FootPrint5, producing ‘Need’, ‘Mighty To Save’ and


He is the Guitarist to the rock band from Jos. He produced Bigger and also Zainab’s latest single titled ‘Fire Down Below’.