Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Phrance Rocks gets MTN caller deal

 Phrance Rocks gets his songs "The One" and "The Anthem" on MTN callers tune.

As this is a sight to sore eyes and soothing melodies to bleeding ears, its still not the first caller tune from a Nigerian Rock act. Threadstone achieved this milestone with their song "I Am Nigeria" but then its good to know that the goodnews we've been preaching is not growing weeds.

Phrance Rocks just post on his bbm this morning of his new caller tunes deal and the codes. So for all those who wants to have a Nigerian Rock song as their caller tunes and rock their callers as well can do that now. Well even if you dont want to but you love the genre and would want to see it have a place up there, lets do our bits by using the caller tunes afterall "The One" is a better song than most i have listened to while calling dudes.



  1. Never felt this way by nikki laoye had a caller ringback tune as far back as 2008 and even got nominated for kora, hhwa, soundcity awards!