Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Wooooooooow!!! It’s the month of Rocktoberfest!!! A festival of rock music in Nigeria, first of its kind. I must say, I am stoked for this event, I don’t see how this event can go wrong, it’s loaded with enough adrenaline to push everyone present to their individual limits. RockNationNg makes it easy for people in this part of the world who love rock music to come together to share their love for a genre that is yet to be accepted around here.
RockNationNg is all about promoting rock music in Nigeria. They are piloting their very first rock music festival with an online video competition and is giving all you rock music lovers the opportunity to show your love for rock music and win a cool prize package. They would be hosting a rock music festival come 24th October, 2015 titled‘ROCKTOBERFEST’ and as a part of creating awareness for the event, they have created the online video competition.  The video competition is looking for you to create and share your own video. The video should capture you performing (head banging, lip syncing, singing, screaming or growling) a rock song or playing any instrument of your choice, in your room, backyard, or wherever your skin feels comfortable on you. You then upload this video onto YouTube and share the link on RockNationNg’s Facebook page or you upload a snippet of the video on Instagram and tag @rocknationng.
The video shall follow one of the following themes:
  • showing your vocal skills;
  • showing how well you play any of these instruments (Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin, cello, drums, piano);
  • showing your passion for rock music and why you have chosen the particular song you’re performing,
The entry can be a webcam or an HD masterpiece which would go nicely in a professional portfolio. Whatever method you choose, just make sure you express yourself. The winner will be selected by voters who will LIKE their favourite video and the video with the most LIKEs will be the winner. The winner gets the opportunity for a special stage performance on the day of Rocktoberfest plus a free recording session and a smart phone. The competition began 1st October, 2015 and is open until 14th October, 2015, so grab your cameras, phones, webcams and start recording.

Source: Audio Inferno NG



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