Tuesday, November 4, 2014

SONG REVIEW: God Complex by The RisingRain

God Complex is a song, complex in everything that makes it unique, beautiful, and a mind blowing piece of art. In its complexity, The RisingRain, delivered every lyrics, rhythm and mix of different elements and genres of music in the simplest of ways no one could imagine. this is a song you'd wonder what and how the inspiration fell into their heads, a song with a mix of four different genres......Pop drumbeats, House music kind of guitar strumming in the bridge, guitar riffs in the verse and solo, and a cap/crown of trance genre in the chorus.
God complex is a song about someone with high ego, high-self esteem, about those who think of themselves as gods and believe everything they do is right and everything they say is final, about people who care less of people around them.
 "You word is law; you are the right one sure” from the second verse summarizes the entire song.
The RisingRain did a real great job in this song that according to them was quite a complex thing to do, "trying to derive and achieve different sounds from contrasting genres and putting them all in one pot." This is a bang from them after the successful release of #Redemption. Azonto, Etighi, Moon Walk, break dance and all of Michael Jackson’s stunts and dance steps will all be good choice if you’re actually looking for dance steps to hit and roll with on this song. It song should be rated as 6 stars out of 5 stars. Go to the download link below and listen.



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