Friday, May 30, 2014


An elevating song it is; "This kind God, i never see your type before" is the starting line of the first verse to a song that reminds of that love God has for you and Phrance's ultra-silvery vocal texture laid perfectly on this one, synching smoothly with string/violin and distorted guitar.
Coldflames actually showed his class and uniqueness in not just production but of rock music with a steady drum beat and less rolls(that actually defines the differences from other genres of music) - acoustic quality was off the chart, awesome combination of the violin, great technical use of the 'White noise' and excellent work on use of reverbs too.
“Ocho” which means God in Idoma talks about how great God is and how we should always give him praise and thanks for watching over us. The song is a ten and a-must-listen.

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