Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nigerian Rock music; whats the journey so far?

Compliment of the Season to every rock fan out there and the readers of NaijaRocksMusic. We want to use this medium to say a very big thank you for being with us through out 2013. We wont have gone this far without you. THANK YOU and ROCK ON! /m\

The year 2013 have been somewhat of an interesting one for the Nigerian rock fanatics with a handful of bands and artist becoming 'established' and seeing the game as a serious one. Secondly, we've seen an uncountable rock bands/artists wannabe (whom we are sincerely praying for, so they find their feet and get more serious with what they want) pop out from every angle. New and well produced songs with great vocals and lyrics have hit our ear drums with so much impetus, telling rock fans that its a business they wont be smiling with. The pop rock 'Dancing in the sun' by clay (you might confuse this one for katy perry), the wonderful acoustic ballad from Suyi Davies titled 'The Sky is Falling', another peice of art from the Queen of soft rock herself 'I'll Make you Dance', The RisingRain's 'Call me what you like', 'Twale' from the Christian Rock Artist FLO ROCKA and yeah 'Better Place' and 'Omote' crooner, from the Headies 2013 Nominee for Alternative Song, Ese Peters and lots more. The genre has come to stay and there is no going back, its growing at an angry pace, amassing a great and fearful number of audience. The bassist for The RisingRain said this in a little discussion we  had a couple of months back, "2013 was a stepping stone for many rock bands and artist in Nigeria, Better rock songs will hit Nigerian Airwaves in 2014,few rock concert was held, here and there and you know, they had a wonderful number of audience even with the doors closed, there will definitely be even more breath taking rock concerts and events in 2014" and there's do doubting that with so many artists to release new songs come 2014 and a rock karaoke event in Lagos already on the way with whispers and rumours of a valentine rock concert in Enugu.

A song comes to mind here at this point and i'll love to dedicate this song from 'The bad boys from Boston' to every rock fan in Nigeria. its 'Dream On' by the American band, Aerosmith.  We all did  a great  job with the supports we dashed out to the bands and artists, for its not an easy task to step up to the mic or pick up an instrument and the one genre that pops out of your head is ROCK, in Naija o? We have been very supportive, so lets keep  the dream alive and the torch burning for a 'Better Place'. ROCK ON! /m\



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