Friday, April 5, 2013

The NEO interview!

NEO is a four man group doing rock music in a naija way, and boy, are they talented? UDR catches up with these talented trio as they tell us all that needs to be known about their music, life and journey so far….

Read the interview:
Q:Can we meet you guys?
A:Yeah.Oghenetega Okorefe(larynx),Tobore Ogaga(T-Boi),Nicholas Abinogun(Q-Tee)
Q:Educational background.
A:Tega and Nicholas are presently students in The University of Abuja while Tobore is seeking admission in Delta State University.
Q:How did your paths cross?
A:Tega and Tobore are cousins while Nicholas is a close friend from secondary school.
Q:How did your sojourn into the world of music begin?
A:Well it started when we noticed we could do good music at tender ages and desired from then to go into the music industry which is now a dream come true. From going to studios just for fun it started becoming serious and here we are today.
Q:Challenges faced so far in the music industry
A:Initially we were faced with the issue of acceptance being that we did a different type of music and we were trying to introduce it to the music industry here in Nigeria.
Q:How would you guys describe the genre of music that you do?
A:Four letters R.O.C.K. thats what we love and what we love doing best but like we said earlier about the acceptance thing we had to do a little bit of R&Bs along side the other rock songs.
Q:How has the acceptance been since you started out in the industry?
A:Well,we’l say it has been fair and people are beginning to love what we do as time goes by and soon we have expectations to be the next best thing cause everyone’s just loving us more and more.
Q:How did you guys come about the name “NEO”?
A:NEO actually is Greek and it means NEW in English.So,been that we are introducing a new genre of music into this part of the world,we decided NEO is best for the crew.
Q:If you guys could change anything about the industry..
A:The industry as it is today is full of people whose no.1 priority is to jet money out of the society without any care of the messages they pass to the public.we would love to correct that cause as funny as it sounds people are a direct product of what they listen to,so,in other to make Nigeria and the world at large a better place,we have to relate the right messages via the media.
Q:Every artiste has their clique in the industry, do you belong to any, and which artistes are you close to?
A:Well,we dont belong to any just yet and frankly do not segregate.we believe strongly that everybody has a thing or two to add to our lives so we flow with everyone(artist)we meet.We are close to Neato-C,Ikechukwu.
Q:What are your biggest goals that is yet to be accomplished?
A:We have a beleive and hope to be the worlds most famous group and also to impact the lives of individuals positively weather young or old.But individually,we’l love to own firms and companies in the future to come.
Q:How did your parents react to your choice of going into music?
A:Frankly?huh…it was unacceptable at first,owing to the fact that most parents think it might be a distraction to our Education amongst other things.But we have ben able to prove that responsibility is never imposed,IT’S A CHOICE AND WE CHOSE IT.
Q:Your dream collaboration…
A:We would love to make a hit with the likes of Linkin Park,GreenDay,Fall Out Boys,Tuface,M.I,Neato-C.
Q:Strongest musical influences…..
A:Linkin Park,Blink 182,Quiet Drive,Avril e.t.c.
Q:Describe yourself in five diferent words
Q:What inspires you to write any song?
A:We write about the environment’s needs and a little about what the people need to hear just to encourage everyone.
Q:Where do you see yourselves in the next five years?
A:Reaching hights no one has ever reached.
Q:Asides music, what do you do?
A:business and schooling.
Q:If you had the grace of granting a wish that would come to pass, what would it be?
A:To make the world a peaceful place for all that’s in it.
Q:In the long run, what would you love to be remembered for?
A:Greatness and as an entity that fufilled her entire goal.
Q:Final words to fans…..
A:We love your support and love and will not let you guys down.



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