Friday, March 29, 2013

Fall Out Boy Plan Save Rock and Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon Radio Play

Fall Out Boy Plan Save Rock and Roll Tour

Some bands announce a new tour with a basic, to-the-point press release that lays out the dates to be played and nothing more. Fall Out Boy does things a little differently.
In a video released yesterday (March 28), a myriad of snippets from other videos are used to announce the tour. Included: Gene Simmons of Kiss, Bill Clinton, Peter Griffin of Family Guy, John F. Kennedy, The Joker (Heath Ledger's version), Conan O'Brien and many more.
"We are proud to announce the Save Rock and Roll Tour, coming this September to a city near you," the spliced-together clips spell out. "Tickets on sale April 5 and 6."
The video notes that the September tour will be the "last chance" to see Fall Out Boy in 2013. The band is already in the middle of a spring and summer tour that includes dates in North America, Europe and Asia, and will remain in the United States through June 30 before leaving the country and coming back for the first date, in Uncasville, Conn. on Sept. 5.

Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon Radio Play Coming

 A play based on Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 to mark the album's 40th anniversary.
Entitled Dark Side, it was written by long-term fan Sir Tom Stoppard and the cast includes Bill Nighy and Rufus Sewell. It's set for broadcast on August 26.
Floyd guitarist David GIlmour has read the script and says he found it "fascinating." He adds: "I can't wait to hear it come to life with the great cast performing it, and our music woven into it. I can't think of a better way to celebrate The Dark Side Of The Moon's 40-year anniversary."

Stoppard admits he'd been thinking about writing the work since the album was released in 1973. "I had no idea for a long time what I would do," he explains. "Finally I found some time, sat down and listened to the album for the thousandth time, picked up from the beginning and kept going.

Smashing Pumpkins Begin Working On New Album

Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins have spent a good deal of time touring in support of their current full-length, Oceania, but they're ready to start looking ahead to the future. Earlier this week, Corgan dropped the news via Twitter that he and his band have official started work on the next Pumpkins album.
"Excited to announce today's our 1st official day of writing for new SP album. Wish us luck!" he tweeted.
Gibson's Anne Erickson recently had the chance to chat with Corgan about how he gets that characteristic Pumpkins tone. "I think if you want to get the Gibson end of the Pumpkins sound, you take any amp that has a pretty good pre-amp in it, and the treble is probably not going to go any higher than about 3 o'clock," he said. "You want the treble on 2 or 3 o'clock. You don't want the highs too cranky. You want to scoop the mids a bit, so the mids are probably somewhere in the range of 10 o'clock, and then the bass is in the range of 3 o'clock.

"So, you want bass but not too much bass, you want treble but not too much treble and you want to scoop the mids, and that's pretty much where you start. And crank the pre-amp all the way up."



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